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Wild Rivers of the Yukon's Peel Watershed, by Juri Peepre and Sarah Locke


Wild Rivers of the Yukon’s Peel Watershed: A Traveller’s Guide, published by Juri Peepre and Sarah Locke in June 2008, features eight of the premiere navigable tributaries of the Peel watershed. This well-illustrated book describes the natural and cultural history of the region, and provides paddling trip details for the Wind, Snake, Bonnet Plume, Hart, Blackstone, Rat, Peel and Ogilvie rivers. Rounding out the book, readers will find poetry, essays and the ongoing watershed conservation story.

The Yukon’s vast Peel basin offers some of the finest wilderness paddling and hiking in the world—a claim we do not hesitate to make. Although called a Traveller’s Guide, this book focuses as much on the wonders of the Peel watershed as on ways to travel safely and skilfully there. For many people, the simple knowledge that such a place still exists is reason enough to protect it for all time. Yet today the Peel watershed is on the cusp of changing from a remote and untamed corner of Canada to the forward edge of the industrial landscape.

Only an unrelenting effort by all those who value the Peel watershed’s wilderness and cultural landscape will save this remarkable place. If you have had the privilege to travel in the Peel country, to dip your paddle in its clear waters, we urge you to add your voice to the call for protection.

Softcover, 220 pages, 16 maps, 147 contributed and archival photographs, printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.  Retail price: $24.95. For on-line orders, visit www.yukonbooks.com or purchase from Mac’s Fireweed, Up North Adventures, or CPAWS-Yukon in Whitehorse. To order directly from the authors, send a cheque for $34.20 CDN (includes GST and shipping) to Juri Peepre, 1575 Windermere Loop Road, Windermere, BC, V0B2L2, Canada. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.




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