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Three Rivers – The Yukon’s Great Boreal Wilderness
Three Rivers - The Yukon's Great Boreal WildernessThree Rivers: The Yukon’s Great Boreal Wilderness, a small masterpiece released … by Harbour Publishing, has photographs of the landscape that will take your breath away – and remind you of what it means to be Canadian.” – Mark Hume, Globe & Mail

This beautiful coffee table book is packed with awe-inspiring photography, art and fine writings by such notables as Margaret Atwood, Courtney Milne, John Ralston Saul, Brian Brett, Ron Bolt and Richard Nelson. Many of the Yukon’s top nature photographers provide an unforgettable tour of the Yukon’s northern boreal wonderland rich in grizzlies, wolves, caribou, peregrine falcons, wild waters and wildflowers. Hardcover, 148 pages, Harbour Publishing, November 2005. Contributions and editing by Juri Peepre and Sarah Locke. Three Rivers was a finalist for a 2006 BC Book Prize. See www.cpawsyukon.org for a full description of the Three Rivers Project.

Journey to the Yukon’s Three Rivers
Cross-Canada Tour, April – May, 2007, presented by Juri Peepre in partnership with CPAWS and MEC. These public events brought alive the beauty of the Yukon’s majestic Peel River watershed to Canadians across the country.

CPAWS introduced thousands of people to one of the most amazing wild places on earth through a 12-city multimedia tour. It featured spectacular images, video, art, and the voices of Aboriginal peoples, artists and conservationists who spent a remarkable summer journeying down the Three Rivers – the Snake, the Wind and the Bonnet Plume. Presentation design and script by Juri Peepre in collaboration with many contributors.

Yukon's Tombstone Range and Blackstone Uplands: A Traveller's Guide

Yukon’s Tombstone Range and Blackstone Uplands: A Traveller’s Guide This guide book is designed both for people travelling the Dempster Highway who want to spend an extra day or two exploring the Tombstone Territorial Park region, and for wilderness travellers looking for more extended backcountry journeys. This illustrated book describes the natural and cultural history of the region and has detailed outlines of day hikes and highway points of interest. Published by CPAWS-Yukon in 2000. Chief writer and editor, Sarah Locke; projector coordinator and contributor, Juri Peepre.

Yukon Wild (2nd edition)
Yukon Wild Yukon Wild describes and illustrates the natural regions of the Yukon, along with a conservation profile of each ecoregion. This is an updated edition of the original 1995 Yukon Wild. Stunning photographs bring each of the Yukon’s 23 ecoregions to life. The book includes detailed conservation status reports, and areas of special interest to conservation. The second edition also features an all-new conservation atlas illustrating many of the physical and biological features of the Yukon. Project coordinator and co-author, Juri Peepre; editor and contributor, Sarah Locke.

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