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Yukon Government Tries to Discredit Peel Watershed Land Use Plan

Monday, January 3rd, 2011


The Yukon government has attempted to toss out the findings of the Peel Watershed Planning Commission, saying that the conservation oriented land use plan must be re-done to make more room for mining, roads and other industrial development.

In a widely acclaimed plan released in 2009 with strong public approval, the Commission recommended 80% protection for the watershed, including well known major tributaries such as the Wind, Snake, Bonnet Plume and Hart rivers. The affected First Nations have called for 100% protection of the watershed.

The Yukon government’s vague media statement released on the eve of the holiday season, asserted that “…proposing a high level of protection for such a large portion of the region… is inconsistent with the Yukon government view of the final [First Nations land claims] agreements.” This is a bogus argument, clearly not shared by the First Nations who have spent 5 years working on a land use plan for their traditional territories that reflects the spirit and intent of their land claims agreements.

While the current government is challenging permanent wilderness protection in the Peel watershed, it has committed to extending the staking moratorium for another year, while the land use plan is finalized. Earlier during the planning process more than 10,000 mining claims were staked in the watershed, compromising the ability to create protected areas. While the government is reluctant to protect nature, it does want to protect these existing mining claims.

The Yukon government and the First Nations must now work out a final response to the Planning Commission so that a land use plan can be approved in 2011.

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